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Making 2017 Count

01.09.17 | by Pastor Judd Dixon

    Making 2017 Count

    I read a lot of leadership articles mostly geared to pastors and ministry leaders. Most advise pastors to start the new year with a sermon series geared toward giving. Often they will substitute the word “giving” for “stewardship” to appear less threatening.

    But Scripture teaches that “stewardship” is so much bigger than money. Biblical stewardship is the commitment of all our possessions to God as an act of worship and response to his Lordship. It is forsaking the spirit of “ownership” of all that I have and submitting to be a “manager” of all that I have, recognizing God as the owner. It is using my wealth, possessions, family, even my life and body for his will and glory not my own.

    Over the next few weeks we will rediscover God’s will for stewarding our treasure, our time, our talents (gifts and abilities), and even our trials which are divinely given by God in his sovereignty for our benefit and his glory. We will also be reminded that God’s will isn’t to take away from us but for us to invest in his Kingdom and to expect an eternal reward.

    Stewardship is a Gospel principle that glorifies God, but also benefits believers by placing God on the rightful throne of our hearts while keeping us dependent on him for our daily needs. It demonstrates a heart that has been changed by the Gospel and is submitting to God on a daily basis while storing up Heavenly, eternal reward. Money is a part of stewardship but ultimately a very small slice when we realize that God requires all aspects of a believers’ life.

    That’s the Gospel!